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Relaxing coder


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Next.js + Bootstrap

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Server-Side Rendering

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User Management

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Serverless API

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Express.js Lambda

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Email Send (SES)

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Static Website

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Go Gin Lambda

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Express.js + Email Send


It often takes hours, if not days, to get the basic setup for a new JavaScript/ TypeScript project working, especially if you are aiming for something fancy such as a monorepo 😕.

Goldstack provides high-quality starter projects tailored to your specific requirements using ourstarter project builder 🛠️.

Solid Foundations for Every Project

Made for Joyful Development
  • TypeScript
  • Eslint and prettier
  • Jest
  • Yarn workspaces
  • VSCode config
    Infrastructure Ready to Go
    • npm scripts for testing, build and deployment
    • Terraform configuration, easy to adapt and extend
    • Scalable, low-cost serverless resources on the AWS cloud
    • Docker-based builds

      Detailed docs to help you lift off

      • Tailored getting started guides
      • Module reference
      • Deployment
      • Security harding

        Build Your Starter Project in Three Simple Steps

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          Choose Modules

          Select the modules you need from our library of golden templates.

        • 2


          Provide basic configuration for your project with our web-based UI.

        • 3

          Download and Install

          Download ZIP archive with your customized project and run yarn.

        Unleash Your Creativity and Build with Joy

        Design your customized starter project with Goldstack, download a ZIP and start coding.