Next.js and Bootstrap Template

Our Next.js + Bootstrap golden template allows building optimized React applications with the Bootstrap CSS framework.

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Bootstrap Styling for React Components

Style your components in the Next.js application with Bootstrap and give your application a professional look and feel.

import React from 'react';import Container from 'react-bootstrap/Container';import Row from 'react-bootstrap/Row';import Col from 'react-bootstrap/Col';
return (<Container><Row><Col>...</Col></Row></Container>);

This also works with Bootstrap templates. Just replace the Bootstrap CSS files included in this template.

Project Ready in Minutes

Begin your work with a carefully crafted project where all dependencies you need are provided in compatible versions.

$ yarnProject setup and dependencies downloaded!
$ cd packages/app-next-js $ yarn watchReady for local development!

Full TypeScript Support

Develop all components and pages for your Next.js application with TypeScript. Everything set up to work in VSCode.

Linting and Formatting

ESLint and Prettier configured for usage in the CLI and as VSCode plugins. Optimized to work with Next.js, TypeScript and JSX.

Configure Project in Goldstack UI

Use our web-based tool to configure your project and Next.js package. This will establish basics such as which domain your application should be deployed to.

The configuration tool will assemble a project you can download as a ZIP file. All settings will be stored in easily extendable and modifiable JSON files.

Ready for Deployment to AWS

Deploy your Next.js application for cents on AWS with professional level security, reliabilty and scaleabilty.

$ yarn infra up devDevelopment infrastructure set up!
$ yarn deploy devApp deployed to development infastructure!
$ yarn destroy devDevelopment infrastructure teared down.

Supports multiple, separate deployments for development, staging and production environments. Implemented using CloudFront and S3.

Extendable and Configurable Infrastructure

Easily add any service from the AWS cloud to your Next.js application by modifying the Terraform files included in the template.

Integrate with Goldstack Templates

Combine this template with other golden templates from Goldstack. Generate a starter project supporting your full stack including the backend.

Lambda + Express
Scaleable and extensible backend based on Express
  • Packed with Webpack
  • API Gateway
  • Helmet
Store and manage files in AWS S3
  • TypeScript API
Email Send
Send emails through AWS SES
  • DKIM and SPF
  • High volume sending
  • Extremely low costs

Simply choose any of these templates while building your project in the Goldstack Builder UI and they will be included in your starter project.

Unleash Your Creativity and Build with Joy

Design your customized starter project with Goldstack, download a ZIP and start coding.