NextJs + Bootstrap
NextJS wired to work with Bootstrap and be deployed to CloudFront CDN
  • S3 + CloudFront CDN
  • SASS
  • SVG Icons
Lambda + Express
Scaleable and extensible backend based on Express
  • Packed with Webpack
  • API Gateway
  • Helmet
Rapidly develop React applications deployed to AWS CloudFront CDN
  • S3 + CloudFront CDN
Static Website
Deploy static files to a CloudFront CDN
  • S3 + CloudFront CDN
Store and manage files in AWS S3
  • TypeScript API
Email Send
Send emails through AWS SES
  • DKIM and SPF
  • High volume sending
  • Extremely low costs

How does this work?

Add the stack building blocks you need. Then configure some basics such as which domain(s) your project should be deployed to.

We then put together a downloadable archive of a sleek project. Just extract it and start coding.

We get all the following pesky details configured for you so you will be at peak productivity from the very beginning:

Enjoy code completion and static type checking with TypeScript.
Format code automatically using ESLint and Prettier.
Run tests with no hassle using Jest.
Get coding in minutes with Visual Studio Code.
Build modular applications using Yarn workspaces.
Deploy infrastructure right away by using predefined Terraform for every module.
Every module deploys as scaleable, low cost serverless infrastructure on AWS.
Builds run locally or in your CI in Docker containers.
Extensive documentation on how to deploy all resources with enterprise level security.

Goldstack provides professional, battle tested, and frequently updated starter templates. Starting with a Goldstack template will save you tons of time. But likewise it is a huge committment from us to develop and maintain these templates; thus we charge a small fee that will unlock support and unlimited template downloads for a month. Thank you for your support 🙏