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This project template contains a fully configured server using the Gin framework ready to be deployed in an AWS Lambda.

See a list of all features included in this template below.

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Gin Framework

Develop all routes of your API using the powerful Gin framework.

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Develop your serverless function using Go.

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Go server deployed to reliable and scaleable AWS serverless infrastructure.

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Yarn 2

Build scripts managed using Yarn for easy integration with frontend projects.

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Extend and maintain infrastructure using Terraform.

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App Composition

Easily combine with any Goldstack module to compose end-to-end applications.

Gin Framework

Develop HTTP Routes

The Gin framework allows building high performance HTTP APIs using Go.


Go Project Ready in Minutes

Begin your work with a carefully crafted project where everything is ready to start coding.

$ yarnProject setup and dependencies downloaded!
$ cd packages/app-go-gin-lambda $ yarn watchReady for local development!

Ready for Deployment to AWS

Deploy your Go Gin application for cents on AWS with professional level security, reliabilty and scaleabilty.

$ yarn infra up devDevelopment infrastructure set up!
$ yarn deploy devApp deployed to development infastructure!
$ yarn infra destroy devDevelopment infrastructure teared down.

Supports multiple, separate deployments for development, staging and production environments. Implemented using CloudFront and S3.

Yarn 2

Cross-platform Workspace Management

In addition to Go project definitions, a workspace managed by Yarn is included in the project. This allows for cross-platform script definition and manage a frontend application in the same workspace.


Extendable and Configurable Infrastructure

Easily add additional resources from the AWS cloud to your Go server by modifying the Terraform files included in the template.

App Composition

Integrate with Goldstack Templates

Combine this template with other modules from Goldstack. Generate a starter project supporting your full stack including the frontend.

NextJs + Bootstrap
NextJS wired to work with Bootstrap and be deployed to CloudFront CDN
  • S3 + CloudFront CDN
  • SASS
  • SVG Icons
Store and manage files in AWS S3
  • TypeScript API
Email Send
Send emails through AWS SES
  • DKIM and SPF
  • High volume sending
  • Extremely low costs

Simply choose any of these templates while building your project in the Goldstack Builder UI and they will be included in your starter project.

Unleash Your Creativity and Build with Joy

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